Bacon Dream EP

by Astroid Boys

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released October 5, 2013



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Astroid Boys Cardiff, UK




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Track Name: Minging/Sticky
i binn about grime bars from the 'start'
they were talking expensive cars,
i was talking about my farts, but still going hard for a laugh,
and raves it was always footsie Ard,
i remember he passed me the mic like, little yellow man oh man set it alight,
he was like safe i was like vibes,
split it, we done did it. don't act like you didn't want to fidget.
labels are like, we didnt want to enable tunnel vision, i was like how dyou make a living,
he started grinning i left the room chair SPINNING,
and i still do this for a living, now im looking at this what i live inn.
how did i lift up this what im given.
i wasn't given anything in the beginning
at the beginning i didn't have any women,
at the beginning i was taking out bins for a shilling looking in the mirror like err minging.

Look at us now
Yeah you know we are about,
When the only ways up.
Don't let gravity get you down,
Yeah you know what we are about
Yeah you know that we spit grime,
Bars bring all the ladies inn But my bars make all the mandem spin

wow look at me now.
i couldn't give a f**k like i did back then,
when i was in school and you were that cool,
i was fat chubby with my mustache friend
and i couldn't grow a mustache then,
i was doing jackass at the back of the class they called me an asbo,
handful, now im on top of the world with a worldafull my booty shaking

All the bad girls come to Ben
like they've miss heard there parents say go to bed
before me and Phil were like right sed Fred,
fuck foreplay now we go right to ****
No ego it never goes right to my head,
if i disappear them man will right to a friend.
im a stay here and fight to the end, im a hero,
watch how i light up a set.
light up the room, i does how i do no body to prove to nobody to move to,
i do me why don't you do you, no body can move you its obvious you knew,
we X rated like a tape is, with chick in the nude getting educated,
Im getting this cake inn,coz girls wanna drink champagne, pop goes the pain,
droplets of rain conscious but i wont remember her name
she plays her game i play her topless but i wont remember her frame,

Look at us now
Yeah you know we are about,
When the only ways up.
Don't let gravity get you down,
Yeah you know what we are about
Yeah you know that we spit grime,
Bars bring all the ladies inn But my bars make all the mandem spin

yeah we always come prepared
we always set it off in here
Im bringing the mingingest baseline of the year.
its time to get up off ya chair i heard em say ya mad, am i listening not at all, im in my vans im bouncing off the wall, im in my pants in the street someone call up the goddamm booty shaking

peace out A town dunn dunn dunn dunn
Track Name: Hungerstrikes
watch me spit these happy raps.
bullied off the beat since we were beat down by happy slapps.
the playground orrangatang.
welcome to the zoo and you the mother trucking taliban.
my lyrics bring more magic than my talisman,
drink from this chalice and vanish like a magician
hop into my pinky Cadillac guess i got more regrets than dappy has.
right now i say that is that, this is this, we take the piss,
im just tryna find a girl that masters in the .....
we were mass debating. of f**k i mean discussing in groups,
covered in loot, whats got me covered in fruit.
when i eat no beef these chickens all going on loose.
gotta protect whats ours, putting in hours.
we the kinda brothers that develop super powers. and i know.
this shit here dont smell like flowers.

when hunger strikes.
we be gorilaz in the mist.
when hunger strikes.
we E-A- T THAT.

you diddy diddy that and think that i care
them man are wet so sit over there.
put em in check when i see them in the endz i come from behind and shave of his hair, me narr tek back chat go tell a mate.
tie you down with nothing but selatape.
cover head with nothing but sellapphane.
poke a hole and make you feed truth to yaself.
then make you watch your self read truth to yaself.
worth it. probably. my imagination follows me.
wherever i go i know that its great.
i got me and all of my mates.
spit a bar.
go swimming with the women i do that.
with no criminology just cause i do rap.
dont get it twisted just cause i do rap just cause i.
zoop zoop
we did crime but were not a crook.
dont get shook i cooked beef but im not a cook.
not into beef cause i marinaded that and et it like time ago.
i like rap but i got none of that no flow rida flow
from ducking a diving shows. doing shows that i weren't even booked at.when you couldn't even cook that.

when hunger strikes.
we be gorilaz in the mist.
when hunger strikes.
we E-A- T THAT.
Track Name: Giggs

Slipknot, first gig. ticket was bought by my mother.
at that gig i found my first lover it was my birthday i was crowd surfing
rolling around in the mud with the others
them man on stage dem are fuckers. gimmie that gimmie that i want more.
didnt have youtube albums were bought,
went back to school like a different kid, summer holidays dem a changed me. made me an outcast i was that kid that was out last.
looking in the sky like i wonder were them man are it. he was like who.
i was like you aint gotta clue last week i was at bizkit 3rd gig.
milton keynes it was epic all of my friends had rejected.
i was at the gig grabbing boobies of a chick and i didnt know where i was at. i was like 14 didnt drink didnt smoke still like how do you do it like that and again. kano.
10th gig i was sat there with my ex chick.
i recall her buggering off coz i was spitting bars at the back of the bus with kano showing it off,
i was no good back then i burnt my paper and snapped my pen.
i just went to a show and that kinda shows that are shows are nothing but a blowout.
and just for me now i go hard for all of the team.
21 million giggs in my memory coz i gottadicted to that 1st gig..

i think i need more.
of that.

my first rave was inevitably baking
i got my backstage pass stolen by Jamaicans
im in the middle of a thousand people getting wasted.
i was only 15 just tryna jam with westwood
just doing what any of the rest would,
if any of the rest could.i goot athirst for loud bass raving got my head shook.
i felt gutted when i left that festival. so next time i made sure i brought bare man, nobody wanna chat shit round ere man.
its all about good times good vibes good riddems and good rhymes.
then i was all about trilla jamie duggen and bodr inside. wobbly wobbly skank out to the bassline vibes up north in birmingham when mana get hype.
ya must be must be mad.
to think i aint been doing this all of my life.
then it was skepta.
kano never saw wiley but put ya hands up if your repping grime.
at this point nobody would deny me the mic
i had bars to par and set the mandem alight.
gimme more gimme more yeah i wanna stay alive, gimme draws gimme raw yeah i wanna get high.
and reminisce on the shit that kept me alive. so grab me a pair of ticks. im going out to night im gunna catch a gig. i need more than im getting so if dont get my fix then i might go sick.

i think i need more
of that
Track Name: Dusted

so we back up in here.
spit fire from the back of veneers.
coming straight from the belly of the beast thats in the back of your ear wispering shit thats got you crapping your reer.
this panic and fear is damaging
radical stages of behavior.
thats got you on a scatty ting looking for the big batty ting.
you might find happiness. if you can make it throughthe same shit that a nappy does.
skitzo coz we visionary not a vegetarian but meating me is living weary
these kids about to run a riot.
flip bars strip cars titts ass then silence we dont need a reason ima start this riot.


peggit and depse you would play that
heat of the moment
could be meeting your omens.
police are eating there donuts
i wouldnt take that.
you better sit in ya seat and flipping lay back,

im one of a kind and nobody knows that.
im living an irisponsibility philly upon the million times i let down.
i dont mean to ive gotta good heart
i make miss takes like pressing record at the wrong paarrrrrrrt
but now im older im still never grown up.
i never tell i lie. im always forced to tell the flipping truth,
well thats a lie cuzz ive never thrown up. i sweat that i can fly and ive never had a boner.
im sticking up for fuckers that need to be stuck up for not stuck up fuckers that are living there life by the law
OH LOORD bless these bumbaklart rasklart swinging
all the mans tell it how it is and never what it missing kick back.


peggit and depse you would play that
heat of the moment
could be meeting your omens.
police are eating there donuts
i wouldnt take that.
you better sit in ya seat and flipping lay back,


now i was outside the shop.
me and beni acting grown folks this kid pushed his luck hes like.
ayo wasppnin your rapping is doo doo i see kids in year nine rapping better than you do.
benj i flipping hate this everytime im out a kid gasses about AB i always lose my patience i wanna give him a facelift.
nahh jog onn its not onn,
you gotta use ya head insteada getting vexxed.
marcuss kicked a ball at his ice cream it hit the floor splatt
now this bruddah doesnt seem that feisty.
bet hes gotta brother that is bigger than i am.
man hes stood ebhind you arms bigger than arm bands,
were pannicking i dont know what to do in this predicament
hes looking kinda immanent
we bounced 4 hours past hit the carpark the rest of the mandem
are chilling in. something aint right a car pulls up hangtight

10 MAN get up out the car kicking off.
the boys are pretty high do we brawl or do we bounce.
i mean im down im always down but i can see that they are holding,
car park after dark
you cant see nothing bang.
ya bulling the wrong yoot, benji bro its on you,
when i say balls dash the board and bounce to the courts i dont wanna ramp no more ovcourse with the fact that were in and out of court.. so we DUSTED laughing shouting tempa t lines.
hopping over walls i can see the police lights. i dont wannna get up and chin him and then explain on the riddem how i gottarested lke 3 times. for petty crimes now its all free this free that. not anymore one of us got caught one of us got flipping cought.